Announcing the Remaining Speakers….

Steven Jones

Steve is a freelance web developer based in Newcastle upon Tyne with the web presence of Stomp ( He has been using WordPress for 9 years and hates slow websites.

The Ultimate Guide to Image Optimisation

On average images comprise over 2/3rds of the size of a page request. This gives us a wide birth in order to look at different ways in order to optimise images and potentially reduce this proportion and decrease the total page size.

Tom de Bruin

Tom is senior developer at Label Media, an agency in Leeds, developing on various platforms including WordPress and WooCommerce. He wrestles with client data, coding front and back end, and provision servers. Tom love process and being efficient to make coding as smooth a ride as possible. Tom’s been using WordPress since it had that horizontal admin bar. Riding bikes, music, and his son keep him busy when not staring at a computer.

Using Composer to manage WP

I’ve been looking into using a more modern approaching to deploying and managing WordPress. Composer, dependency management, has taken the PHP world by storm and is a fantastic way to quickly set up a site and lock down versions of plugins as well as opening up an entire world of code repositories for use in your own plugins. Once you’ve tasted the power of Composer you can never go back.

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