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The WordPress community really sets WordPress apart from other platforms. Having such an extensive network of amateur and professional experts means that if you have a question, there’s always someone available to answer it.

A community driven CMS

Events such as WordCamp are integral in ensuring that the WordPress community continues to grow, and promotes discussion and the sharing of ideas within the community, helping to ensure the platform continues to evolve and maintain its place at the forefront of content management and website creation.

We like to encourage our customers to take advantage of the wide range of community support and resources available through WordPress as this is a great way for our customers’ knowledge and websites to develop and evolve.

Beautiful simplicity

At Heart Internet, there’s nothing we love more than a tool that is built with simplicity in mind, a tool that does the job it’s designed to do, and that comes packed with features and extras that provide that extra level of gloss on top of what’s already an excellent product. For us, WordPress ticks all those boxes and more.

We love WordPress so much that it comes as a standard one click install on our hosting packages. We also include JetPack, BuddyPress and bbPress with our WordPress installations, and we love to see the blogs, forums and other creations our customers can come up with.

Enabling creativity

WordPress is the perfect platform to allow creativity when building a website. It seems that any feasible idea has a whole cast of add-ons, themes and plugins which help to make your idea a reality.

It’s this level of customisation that really makes WordPress the best platform to offer to our customers. Building WordPress on top of our powerful hosting platforms allows beginners and experts alike to build and manage their website in exactly the way they want to.

WordPress powers our customers (and our blog)

We love WordPress and so do our customers. Not only do a huge percentage of our customer base use WordPress to create and manage their websites, but we also run our own blog through it.

WordPress’ simplicity allowed us to combine their solid CMS and our own design to create and run the Heart Internet blog (, which not only looks great but allows us to post blogs and interact with our visitors.

We regularly feature handy WordPress plugins to help manage your SEO or some of our favourite WordPress themes on the blog, and we can tell from the views we receive that our readers love it too.

At Heart Internet, we’re dedicated to providing the best of the best to our customers and resellers, and WordPress integration is a huge part of ensuring that our hosting packages are the best they can be, and as such we’re committed to giving back to the WordPress community and helping them to continue their evolution and to keep setting such high standards.

Why we are sponsoring WordCamp

Sponsoring events like WordCamp is a great benefit to a company like ours. Encouraging discussions and developments of the WordPress platform will only serve to improve our products and the services we can offer.

At events such as these, even a simple line from a speech or a conversation over coffee can spark an idea which will be the building block to a key new feature or an interesting new plugin that can further improve a platform that has become synonymous with website hosting and CMS. To play a part in making these new ideas happen is hugely important and will ensure that both Heart Internet and WordPress continue pushing the envelope of website creation and hosting.

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Michael Cropper

Michael Cropper is the Managing Director of Contrado Digital Ltd.