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Reason Digital

When you grow up with computers and the web you grow up believing that things can always be made better – that you can change things.

And that’s what Reason Digital is really all about.

We’re social enterprise that makes the web make a difference. We only work on projects that do social good.

Right now, we’re saving sex workers’ lives with a Comic Relief-funded smartphone app. We’re boosting charities’ incomes by transforming the way the British public gives goods to charities, with Cancer Research UK and The British Heart Foundation. We’re helping to connect people with food banks, with the Trussell Trust. And we can say that we did our bit towards helping Alzheimer’s Research UK on their quest to find a cure for dementia.

It’s all for good. And that’s a brilliant thing to be able to put your skills towards.

So WordCamp Manchester? Why are we sponsoring it?

Well, WordPress, to us, is a liberator.

We often work with small-to-midsize charities that are locked into a proprietary CMS, created by well-intentioned, but under-resourced web dev agencies, or freelancers.

We use WordPress to give them the control of their site back, and the freedom to work with whoever they want without ongoing licensing fees. Be that us, another agency, or a volunteer. That said, part of the power of WordPress, since v3, is its ability to be used as a framework for bigger projects. We’ve launched larger charity sites now – you can read more about some of the charity websites we’ve worked on, to get an idea of what we do.

We’ve had the privilege of being able to lend a hand to some inspiring people that are working to change the world. And we’ve used WordPress to help them do it.

Oh, and by the way, we’re always looking for talented WordPress folk at Reason Digital. Especially people with PHP skills. So if you’d like to get paid to help us make the world a better place, instead of making some rich guys slightly richer, then get in touch with us at: We’re based in Manchester, UK, and, as well as being a great bunch of people, we also have an ice cream machine and an office balcony. Just in case you were wondering.



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  1. What a great bit of writing. It really engages, gives details of how you work, who with – the why stuff… and then the tangible benefits. So often this sponsorship text can be a bit boiler plate-y… but you’ve made great use of this opportunity to reach the wider community of WordPress users in Manchester.
    The whole thing of selling freedom is empowering – WordPress as a liberator. My own WP experiences have been mixed and I would like to get purchase on how to help small organisations get the most from WP – for example choosing the right theme, web host and design/ techie websmiths.

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