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WP Engine Is Pumped For WordCamp Manchester

WordPress’ global reach is undeniable. Here at WP Engine, we serve customers around the globe with our managed WordPress hosting platform—we’re currently in more than 120 countries!

Earlier this year, we officially opened our London office to better serve our growing number of customers throughout EMEA, where WordPress is arming more and more businesses with the ability to publish great content and share their voice with the world. Manchester specifically has grown into a bustling tech hub, so we expect WordCamp Manchester to be well-attended and chock full of exciting and enriching content.

As part of our commitment to being a truly global company, we sponsor and support WordPress and technology events around the world. When the opportunity arose to sponsor WordCamp Manchester, it was a natural fit. We’re excited to get to know WordPressers in all corners of the world, and sponsoring WordCamps like Manchester help us stay connected and in tune with the thriving WordPress community.

Events like WordCamp Manchester let companies such as WP Engine share our WordPress expertise, but they also give us the opportunity to listen and learn through to the wisdom of others. Everyone who attends WordCamps brings unique experience and perspective, and collecting all of that knowledge in a single place where people can share, learn, and grow is incredibly powerful. WordPress doesn’t succeed in a vacuum; it’s important to work alongside and collaborate with others in the community to make the platform better, stronger, and more useful.

One reason we love WordPress is for its ability to flatten the globe. It gives businesses the ability to be truly global and breaks down geographic boundaries. And it fuels the democratisation of publishing. WordPress is a powerful tool that gives a voice to anyone who wants one.

WordPress is truly a platform for everyone. It’s easy to master for individual bloggers to build a career on the web, and it’s robust and secure, so it’s trusted by many of the world’s largest enterprises. It sits squarely at the intersection of simplicity and power, which is likely one of the key contributors to WordPress wearing the crown as the world’s most widely used CMS, a market WordPress leads by a wide margin.

At WP Engine, our goal is to make WordPress a powerful tool for businesses of all size. We strive to eliminate the complexity of the web and empower our customers to leverage WordPress to build, grow, and succeed in their businesses. WP Engine’s managed WordPress platform was designed from the ground up to deliver amazing digital experiences on WordPress. We built it to deliver blazingly fast speed, massive scalability, and air-tight security out of the box, and we fortify it with expert, 24/7 support powered by more than 100 WordPress specialists. Our platform is easy to use and offers a suite of development tools that give developers the power to create and deploy awesome WordPress sites. It’s why a number of the world’s largest, most recognisable brands trust WP Engine with their WordPress sites and applications.

WP Engine will be onsite throughout the weekend of WordCamp Manchester. Got a question about our how WP Engine GeoIP can help your site reach a more targeted global audience? WP Engine’s Edmund Turbin is available to answer any and all of your GeoIP questions, and much more. Want to know if WP Engine is the right fit for your business? Find WP Engine’s Jack Clarkson—he’ll help you understand the value of WP Engine and how we can help your business succeed.

We’re extremely excited to sponsor and attend WordCamp Manchester. We can’t wait to hear more about WordPress’ future and to share our vision for WordPress. WordCamp is all about learning, discussing, and digesting all things WordPress. We look forward to seeing you at WordCamp Manchester.

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