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We love helping make great ideas a reality. We also love free & open source software.

WordPress empowers people across the world to share their ideas. Around 75 million WordPress sites exist (almost 20% of _all_ websites).

That’s why Bytemark is supporting the WordPress community and specifically, WordCamp Manchester.Successful WordPress sites have rock-solid hosting. That’s where we can also play a part. Bytemark’s reliable UK hosting is part of WordPress’s success story, with thousands of WordPress sites already benefiting from what we do.

We also know that setting up and looking after WordPress can be a challenge. That’s why we created Bytemark Symbiosis: a system that takes away the pain of administering servers.

Symbiosis is built on top of reliable Debian and simply unlocks the power of Linux for developers. Now, creating websites & email is as simple as creating folders on your desktop — all while working in sync with Debian and avoiding the opaque wall of control panels.

Symbiosis is free & open source software. It works perfectly on any Debian server and is pre-built on Bytemark’s Cloud hosting (BigV).

With two UK zones, SSD-powered servers as standard and a documented API, Bytemark’s Cloud is the natural choice for WordPress developers who want reliable UK hosting with the reassurance of 24/7 phone support.

WordPress is a fantastic, world-changing — and world-leading — project. Bytemark are proud to support WordCamp Manchester and delighted to support WordPress with reliable UK hosting.

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Michael Cropper

Michael Cropper is the Managing Director of Contrado Digital Ltd.