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What is WP Velocity?

Refreshingly different!

We are community, educational and support resource, and hosting platform for entrepreneurs using self hosted  to run their business.

We accelerate your WordPress journey through Live Clinics, Workshops, Coaching, Seminars and more.

You can join us for free, anytime – as a WP user or a WP Velocity Hero.


Who is WP Velocity?

Mike Little co-founded WordPress with Matt Mullenweg in 2003 and has worked with WordPress ever since. When he’s not working with WordPress you’ll find him having fun with WordPress. Cut him in half and you’ll read WordPress through him like a stick of rock!

Saz Bailey is an holistic entrepreneur coach, connecting passion with success. She works with entrepreneurs to uncover their personal value, create their own products, services and marketing messages, then to design a smart business model using the internet to create the income and lifestyle they truly desire.

WP Velocity Hero’s are passionate advocates of WordPress. For some it’s an obsession of a hobby, for others it’s their primary business. All actively seek opportunity to deepen their knowledge, skills and experience. All are mentored by Mike. WP Velocity enjoy their keen support at our clinics and within the community we are nurturing. You’ll likely meet a few Hero’s a WordCamp!

WP Velocity User Community are passionate business owners who want to be in control of their web marketing asset without getting too technical. We are building an open and supportive community, in common with WordPress ethos and values. Again, ask around at WordCamp – you’ll probably friend a member or two.


Why WP Velocity?

The awesome beauty of WordPress is that it is empowering, accessible to all and totally customisable. That in itself creates a problem for non-technical users. Whether you intend to manage yourself, or delegate or outsource, you need a level of personal competency to create, maintain and maximise the potential of any website. We aim to give you that.

WP Velocity started as a germ of an idea through conversation between Mike and Saz in the summer of 2009 when, as a marketing expert excited to use WordPress, Saz was struggling with it to the extent that it was a barrier to her progress. She needed a solution so hunted Mike down.

Mike is an open source fanatic for the freedoms it offers to all. WordPress had become the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, yet he was finding it increasingly difficult to help internet self starters on limited budgets. The very people WordPress should be empowering. He was also disappointed by the quality of training and coaching he could see people investing their hard earned money in. He saw a lack of trusted authorities in the field of WordPress.

Mike and Saz now run Manchester WordPress User Group (MWUG) – a free monthly community Meetup. It serves a group of diverse and talented users from site creation, design, software development and 3rd party integration to SEO and internet marketing. There’s a massive amount of shared learning and the open clinics create a buzz as people enjoy support, collaboration and real time breakthroughs on their projects.  But it’s limited.

WP Velocity was born of the wants and needs of the MWUG and wider WordPress community. Both users and developers. In true open source style we believe that; connected we are exponentially more. We bring people together to share learning, knowledge and expertise. Our Hero’s and the rest of our community collaborate to find you answers and coach you through your projects to keep you moving.

We’re looking forward to meeting you at WordCamp and hearing all about you and the dreams you have for your own WordPress project.


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Michael Cropper is the Managing Director of Contrado Digital Ltd.